Stuff on canadian homefront during ww1

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First World War (WWI)

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Canada Remembers Women on The Home Front

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Forms and Applications

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They supported our country’s war efforts not only in traditional roles, but also in unprecedented new ways. Transcript of Roles of Canadian Women in WW1 The Role of Canadian Women Overseas in World War I Introduction World War I ( - ) all over Europe gave women a chance to show the male-dominated society that they could do more than the work of a housewife.

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The term home front was used for the first time during World War I and perfectly symbolized this new concept of a war in which the civilian population behind the lines was directly and critically involved in. Animals during World War 1 This brave Airedale terrier, called Jim, was trained to spot Zeppelins approaching the Kent coast.

Both on the battlefield and back at home, some incredible creatures helped to transport soldiers and goods – and save lives. He was a mascot belonging to the Canadian Army, who had been left there for safekeeping.

Stuff on canadian homefront during ww1
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