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Siemens ShareNet: Building a Knowledge Network Case Solution

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Siemens denies report it may cut 20,000 jobs

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Siemens ShareNet: Building a Knowledge Network Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Siemens ShareNet: Building a Knowledge Network

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Figure 1 The organization of ShareNet Contributors Sales and marketing people worldwide bring their project experiences, methods and key learnings into the.

Describes the development ShareNet, innovative knowledge management system using unit Siemens. ShareNet tries to capture the knowledge and experience of many scattered Siemen sales and marketing units around the world, making it accessible to シーメンス (Siemens AG) は、ドイツのバイエルン州 ミュンヘンに本社を置く多国籍企業。 もともと電信、電車、電子機器の製造会社から発展し、現在では情報通信、電力関連、交通、医療、防衛、生産設備、家電製品等の分野で製造、およびシステム・ソリューション事業を幅広く手がける複合.

· The third chapter provides a chronological account of ShareNet’s development and international rollout. After a short preface to the case study’s unit of analysis and setting, the five key project and evolution stages are described in detail: “definition and prototyping”, “setup and  Siemens ShareNet: Building a Knowledge Network Case Background: Siemen’s Information and Communication Network’s (ICN) Group Strategy Division had been delegated with the task of proposing a strategy for the future of ShareNet.

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Siemens sharenet
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