Should sixteen year old able vote

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Washington, DC, considering lowering voting age to just 16 years old

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Should 16-year-olds get the vote following referendum?

Hamilton students Mohamed Ali (left) and Marissa Dann (right) are on opposite sides of the debate on whether or not year-olds should be allowed to vote in Canada. Should 18 year olds have the right to vote? Be prepared to debate in class Friday,the question above. Use specific details from the text or supplied materials, to support your point in class.

You will not know whether you are going to be in favor or oppose 18 year olds voting until you get to class. Be prepared to support either side. Some 17 year olds think they should be able to vote in the primaries if they'll turn 18 by Election Day.

Josh Bernick, 17, was able to particpate in the Minnesota Republican caucus. when i was 16 I didn't care what was going on in politics. 16 year olds have their own worries, like school and grades and dates and clothes and figuring out who they are.

Even if they did have the right to vote, there would only be a few who would do actual research. YES says Tara Paxton-Doggett, 12, from Wantage – a UK Youth Parliament candidate for South Oxfordshire More than million and year-olds are currently denied the vote in the UK.

A convicted rapist strangled a year-old he met online and hid her body in a blue plastic barrel. Sex offender Lloyd Jones, 36, says he was making out with Angela Allen by .

Should sixteen year old able vote
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