Rene rohrbeck dissertation

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Technology Scouting – Harnessing a Network of Experts for Competitive Advantage

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by H. G.

The role of Foresight in the PERISCOPE Project

Gemünden, René Rohrbeck, Hans Georg Gemünden - International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM, In many industries, companies are faced with disruptions from emerging technologies, from the political and legislative environment, from alternative business models or from socio-cultural shifts.

Professor René Rohrbeck is Professor of Strategy at the Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University.

Advancing Corporate Foresight

Dr. Matthew Spaniol completed his dissertation, “Scenario planning in practice: Empirical philosophy, social foundation, paradox, and definitions” in autumn His research interests include strategic foresight. René Rohrbeck. Aarhus University; Tobias Heger. The dissertation starts with an overview of its central terms and introduces cultural theories as an overarching frame to study cultural.

The importance of the business model concept is widely recognised in contributions to the existing business and management literature. The concept grew into a generic term to describe the logic of what a firm does and how it does it. However, while the money generating characteristics of the concept.

We have a book of “abilities” in our hands! In his dissertation published as a book on corporate foresight, Rohrbeck () reviews a company’s “abilities” from strategic perspective.

An ideal future-oriented company may be one that has developed a. In The Management of Luxury, 50 contributors from 11 countries and 23 top academic institutions working at the forefront of luxury management research provide experienced luxury managers and luxury researchers with insightful marketing and management perspectives on the luxury market.

Rene rohrbeck dissertation
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