Military punctuality

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A Man Is Punctual: The Importance of Being on Time

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Importance of Punctuality in the Military

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Retired military I.D.'s

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reviews of American Military University written by students. One of my favorite things I learned about punctuality from the military ( submitted 4 years ago by [deleted] comments But for most branches of the US military, you have to be 15 minutes prior or you are late.

Yes it is stupid, and yes, there are times when the CO tells the XO to have formation atwho then tells. The crux for a few of us, especially those who considered joining the military right out of high school, was “college or military”?

Obvious perks with the first option, but veiled, slightly less obvious benefits of the military service as the second. Punctuality in a military environment is crucial as it enables tasks to be completed, and allows leaders to conduct accountability, PCCs and PCIs for particular operations.

Also, depending on the severity or how often a soldier conducts the offense, being late can lead to. Apr 01,  · Having punctual employees makes your life so much easier. But most interview questions do not make the candidate reveal their true underlying attitudes and performance on punctuality.

A world traveler who speaks ten languages, British linguist Richard Lewis decided he was qualified to plot the world's cultures on a chart. He did so while acknowledging the dangers of stereotypes.

Military punctuality
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One of my favorite things I learned about punctuality from the military : AdviceAnimals