History of red fort in hindi

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Twitter reacts to Modi govt 'auctioning off' Red Fort as Centre denies charge

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Jun 02,  · This article is about The great red fort which is located at Delhi and is also known as Lal qil'ha or Lal Qila. Here in this article I will tell you great history about red fort (Lal Qila).Everybody says it looks awesome in red color.

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History. Shah Jahan, the then Mughal emperor decided to build the Red Fort as the citadel of Shahjahanabad, his new capital at Delhi. The fort, which was completely constructed in the yearremained the residence of the Mughal emperors until How the Red Fort Became the Site for India's Independence Day Celebrations.

At the Red Fort, on August 15,the past and the present had coalesced to mark a newly independent nation’s step. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON SIKH HISTORY. Compiled by: Gurdeep Singh (Maryland, USA) Last Updated: May 19, The Red Fort is not merely a symbol of our freedom struggle it is also a world heritage site, one of the three in Delhi.

(Express Photo by Amit Mehra/File).

History of red fort in hindi
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Red Fort - Red Fort of Delhi, Lal Quila Delhi India, Red Fort Delhi India