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Deloitte Consulting LLP

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Management Consulting and the Consulting Industry 101

Overview of Deloitte Consulting and the Business Analyst / Consultant Program City Year September 9th, Business Solutions Consulting is a team of six business consultants. Each consultant specializes in a particular discipline, including finance, sales and marketing, technology, management, operations, and human resources.

Business Technology Analyst Summer Scholar 06/ to 08/ Deloitte Consulting Washington, DC Gained experience on an enterprise architecture engagement at the United States Census Bureau Expanded EA framework by developing content to highlight the blend of technology and business.

Global Business Management Consulting Services Market Research provides a basic overview of the industry including definition, classification, application and industrial chain structure.

Deloitte Digital has created a new model for a new age: the creative digital consultancy. That means combining leading digital and creative capabilities with deep industry knowledge and versatile technology experience to help transform our clients’ businesses.

Connect with Deloitte Partners and Recruiters as they cover what consulting is and the critical role consultants play across a wide variety of industries.

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