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Investigative Report Regarding the “Ashley Treatment”

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Ashley "X" is a severely disabled nine year old girl who suffers from static encephalopathy, a rare brain disease from which she is not expected to improve. The recent case of Ashley X has sparked much recent public debate and controversy, and raises critical questions for physiatrists and rehabilitation professionals.

Mar 27,  · Additionally, the child — unidentified in the original paper but soon known as Ashley, her first name, or “Ashley X” — underwent a hysterectomy to preclude the discomfort of painful menses.

Ashley X. 49 likes. A band from Columbus, Ohio that started around The Ashley Treatment refers to a controversial set of medical procedures undergone by a Seattle child, "Ashley X".

Ashley, born inhas severe developmental disabilities due to static encephalopathy; she is assumed to be at an infant level mentally and physically.

In an exclusive email exchange, Ashley's father talks to Ed Pilkington about his daughter's condition, her growth attenuation treatment – and the criticism his family has faced.

Ashley x
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The Week in Medicine: Ashley X: a difficult moral choice