9 cell industry attractiveness business strength matrix

GE McKinsey Matrix

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Growth–share matrix

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GE McKinsey Matrix

You can change your ad preferences anytime. The most important strategy-making guidance that comes from drawing a 9-cell industry attractiveness-competitive strength matrix is that corporate resources should be concentrated on those businesses enjoying both a higher degree of industry attractiveness and competitive strength and that businesses having low competitive strength.

Search Results for '4 what does a 9 cell industry attractiveness business strength matrix displaying sara lee' Case Questions LIST OF CASES: Guidelines for Case Analysis of Cases for Presentation & Discussion Below are some guidelines and suggested questions for you to analyse each of the cases.

Adidas 9 Cell Industry Attractiveness Business Strength Matrix #2 Adidas in Has Corporate Restructuring Increased Shareholder Value? 1. What generic corporate strategy is Adidas pursuing? Is this strategy the same for all its business units? 2. The 9-cell industry attractiveness/business strength matrix for PepsiCo will show Frito-Lay in the strong industry attractiveness sector and in the high market position sector.

The other PepsiCo companies are in the medium to medium high sector for industry attractiveness and in the strong sector for market position%(32). In the airline industry, for example, there are the traditional flag carriers, the low-cost airlines, the business-class-only airlines, and the fractional private-jet-ownership companies.

Each business model embodies a different approach to achieving a competitive advantage.

9 cell industry attractiveness business strength matrix
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